Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Wise Agent's frequently asked questions.

Why should I use Wise Agent?

Top agents will tell you that your database IS your business. It is crucial to have a good CRM, or Customer Relationship Manager, to help stay organized, keep in touch with your past clients, and market to new leads. Wise Agent is a complete CRM program that was created just for you! From lead-to-close, our business solution helps facilitate completely paperless transactions for Realtors. Our system includes Contact Management, Time and Transaction Management features, along with Marketing Tools, Drip Campaigns, Document Storage, and much, much more. Our goal is to provide an easy-to-use system backed up by customer support that is unparalleled in the industry, at a reasonable cost.

Can my leads automatically show up in Wise Agent?

It really doesn’t matter where your leads are coming from, Wise Agent has a way of getting all leads to automatically show up in your CRM. There are a few different methods used; we have an open API for other technologies to integrate with Wise Agent, we can parse your leads via our email parsing, which would require you to get an email notification from the lead-source. No matter which option you use, you will have the capabilities to use our Lead Management Tool.

As soon as a new lead comes in, you can have it set to fire off an immediate email that uses the lead’s name and source in the email. You can even include a Youtube video that was made specifically for the lead source! If you like using video, you will be happy to know we have also built in a robust integration with BombBomb, allowing you to send immediate BombBomb videos to your new leads. You are also able to pre-categorize all of your incoming leads. For instance, if you are targeting buyers in a certain ad, all the leads produced from that ad can automatically be put under the category of “buyers”.

Wise Agent customer support team will be standing by to help get your leads set up to flow in seamlessly.

Do you have support that can help me get started?

Of course! Every Wise Agent account comes with a complimentary 20 minute one-on-one Getting Started Session where a member of our team will take you through the setup process! No additional setup fees or extra cost to you!

We also offer unlimited free training and we are still the only company in the real estate industry that offers free 24/7 support with a goal to get back to you within 10 minutes or less, we are always ready to help with any questions you might have.

Can I use Wise Agent with my Team?

Yes! Each Wise Agent account allows up to 5 team members to use it at the same time with no additional fees. We have you covered if you have a larger team! You have the ability to turn on account permissions for anyone on your team. With this model, the team leader can decide what each team member can see or do within the CRM, and give each team member limited access based on their needs.

Can I send emails from Wise Agent?

Wise Agent sends emails via Amazon Web Services platform. All emails sent out of Wise Agent will have a sending email header added to the end of the address. This is included to keep up with AWS’s best practices for tracking, bounce handling and delivery purposes. Each Wise Agent user can send 2500 emails a day! That’s 75,000 emails over the course of a month.

Wise Agent continues to push email sending capabilities from a CRM to new levels. Today, over 1 million emails are sent through Wise Agent each month. With all the new regulations on email, this can be a very tricky task to pull off without being blacklisted. We are constantly innovating new ways to ensure that our members can keep in touch with their database and have designed several tools to make this happen.

Does Wise Agent have Transaction Management?

Absolutely! Wise Agent makes it simple to customize a buyer or listing template, which can be turned into a real estate transaction management checklist for each new buyer or seller. Every transaction will be associated with a well thought out checklist that guides you through the entire transaction and records every action, from the very beginning to a successful closing. Realtors love that our real estate transaction management checklists show all the information on one single page.

Does Wise Agent have Landing Pages?

Yes! Wise Agent offers a very powerful landing page platform with many easy to use and customizable Real Estate landing page templates to get you started.

Does Wise Agent have drip campaigns and newsletters?

Yes! Wise Agent has stock real estate drip campaigns in both English and Spanish! You can choose from a selection of campaigns including Buyer drips, Sellers, FSBO and more! With Wise Agent you can even incorporate texting, videos, newsletters, and print media into your drip campaigns!

Wise Agent also generates a monthly newsletter for you to send to your database in English, Spanish and we even create a version for Canadian audiences! You can print the newsletters or simply email them out to your contacts!

Can I sync my Wise Agent database to my smartphone?

Wise Agent has integrated with Google allowing you to automatically sync your Wise Agent contacts to Google contacts and then to your smartphone! The synchronization is setup to mirror your contacts in all three places.

Is Wise Agent integrated with Gmail?

Yes! With a very large portion of real estate agents using Gmail, it only made sense to spend some time integrating Gmail conversations into Wise Agent. Once activated it allows you to see your Gmail conversations on your contact summary page.

Not only can you view email strings but the integration also makes it easy to permanently save an email conversation to your contact notes. If the email includes an attachment, you can save it to your Wise Agent unlimited document storage with a click.

Can I send texts and video texts from Wise Agent?

Yes! Adding the ability to send text messages though the CRM has been a game-changer for many Realtors using Wise Agent. Text messages currently boast an almost 100% open rate, making text messaging a very valuable communication tool.

With Wise Agent you can set up an auto response text that will send an automated text message response immediately to all new real estate leads as they come in. You can also use Wise Text for mass text messaging if you need to send a bulk text message blast to a group.