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Organization is Wise Agent's middle name. Keep yourself or your whole real estate team on track with a calendar, to-do lists, and more.

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“If it’s not on your schedule it doesn’t exist.” Wise Agent CRM offers a very powerful and easy-to-use real estate team friendly day planner that syncs perfectly with your mobile device via Google Calendar.

While it has all the basic functions of most online calendars, many members love the fact that they can associate appointments with contacts and vendors and the system will automatically add notes to the appropriate contacts. You can also attach files, like questionnaires or agendas, to calendar events, which is a very unique feature that many members enjoy using. The Wise Agent day planner sends out thousands of text and email alerts each day to help Realtors stay on time and never miss an appointment. It is also very easy to see calendar reports that show how many appointments each team member is scheduling and completing.

Task List / To Do List

Wise Agent offers a smart, team-friendly, task list that is simple to use yet packed with features. Not only can you label each task with an estimated time needed and set a priority, but you can also send text and email alerts to multiple team members. Wise Agent’s task list works seamlessly with our real estate transaction management software for those Realtors who prefer to have tasks from transactions show up on the task list at given times.

Every task can be associated with a contact which will automatically add to their contact notes. It is very easy to search and find past due, today’s, and future tasks, or filter by team member or by associated transaction checklist. Many members compliment the fact that Wise Agent’s task list also gives you the ability to pull task list reports, making it easy to see how many tasks each team member has assigned compared to the number of completed tasks.

Education Tracking

Real Estate continuing education requirements make it mandatory for all Realtors to continually take classes and keep up to date with our fast-moving industry. In Wise Agent CRM there is a place to track what classes you need with due dates, and record details on each class you take with completed dates so you never have to cram at the last minute to maintain your license.

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Wise Agent Time Management

If It's Not On Your Calendar,
It Doesn't Exist

Let Wise Agent CRM hold all of that information for you so you can clear it out of your mind. Here are a couple of time management features of our real estate CRM that we think you’ll love!

Goal Tracker

Wise Agent’s Goal Tracker is a tool that allows you to set, achieve, and keep track of your goals so that you can grow your business. Break down your goals by Annual goals, Monthly goals and even weekly goals. Goals can be set for an entire team, or to individual team members to track individual progress.

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