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Contact Management

The core function of any CRM is contact management.

Just as your business revolves around your contacts, Wise Agent was built to revolve around our extremely powerful real estate contact management software system.

You can track and search all the basic fields that you can on every other CRM, but in Wise Agent you also have the option to use many unique fields such as rank, status, additional addresses, spouse info, childrens’ birthdays, and even pets’ names. We understand in real estate if you go to a listing appointment and know your clients’ favorite dog’s name, it gives you a much higher chance of building a lasting relationship and winning the listing.

Referral Tree

Many Realtors have done very well focusing their marketing and business-building efforts on referrals. Wise Agent has referral tracking software built right in as another benefit to help you grow your real estate business.

Now it is easy to see how many leads each contact has referred to you, how many of those leads have referred someone else to you, and so on.

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Contact Management

After All, CRM is All About Contact Management

We created our real estate contact manager with not only the standard contact management features, but also specific fields relevant to real estate. Keep track of everything you need to know about every person in a straightforward, intuitive interface.

Mobile Web App

Wise Agent makes it easy to manage your business from anywhere with our mobile web app. From the app you can access your contacts, vendors, planner, call list, and task list.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to view, add, and update your CRM with just a swipe of your finger. Wise Agent app will work on any mobile device simply by opening a browser and going to

There is also a link on the mobile app to the standard site for anything not covered in the app. Wise Agent has been designed to be responsive so the entire system can be worked on from a mobile device.

Send vCards

Do you like to share contacts’ information by sending a vCard? If so, Wise Agent has you covered with our vCard API Integration. You can select a single contact or several at once and send their information to anyone you choose in vCard format.

Call List

Wise Agent’s Call List is designed to work great for teams or individuals. Upon logging in, you are immediately able to see everyone you need to call today. To the right of each contact is a phone icon that will open a pop-up with the contact’s information.

Before making your calls, you can easily view past notes - ensuring you are fresh on your last interaction, and what the goal of this call will be. It is then very easy to add notes about your call and schedule the next follow up call.

The Call List also features reports that show how many calls were assigned to each team member and how many were actually completed. For those doing mass calls, we have partnered with WAVV to provide a multi-line power dialer built right in to the CRM.

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