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We work really hard at integrating 3rd party technologies into our real estate CRM that benefit Realtors. Get bonus calculators, reporting functionality, and more through our integrations.

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Integrated Partners

Another way that Wise Agent sets itself apart from the competition is our long history of deep partnerships with other top technology companies. We understand that there are many other technology systems you use for your success and anytime it makes sense, we want you to be able to access and use that other technology in one place - your CRM.

For instance, from a contact summary page, with one click you can send a beautiful CMA from our integrated partner Cloud CMA without ever leaving Wise Agent. We are proud to have a deep integration partnership with zipForm® Plus and many other tech companies you will recognize.

Several of our Realtor CRM systems competitors use a 3rd party app named Zapier to claim they are integrated with many other services. While Wise Agent is integrated with Zapier, we feel it should only be used as a last resort when it isn’t possible to have a direct integration without a 3rd party in the mix.

We have become known as “the guys who can get tough integrations done,” while some of the other CRMs still rely on manually importing and exporting. Many real estate agents are looking for a real estate CRM that integrates with Google and Gmail and they finally find what they want when they try Wise Agent.

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Wise Agent Software Tools

Real Estate Software: An All-in-One CRM Solution

We want to help you organize as much as you can into one central location. That’s why we’ve worked so hard at adding tools and integrations into our real estate CRM!

Integrations Menu

Another big part of integrating with technology partners around the industry is making it easy for the end-user to connect both software systems together without a big hassle. Wise Agent has a page called the Integration Menu from which our members can easily sync their CRM with Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Twitter, Gmail etc. in a few seconds.

Real Estate Calculators

There is even a page in Wise Agent that has common real estate calculators in English & Spanish.

You will find an amortization calculator, debt consolidation calculator, early payoff calculator, home affordability calculator, and a refinance home savings calculator.

Real Estate Reports

Wise Agent has many production reports ready for you to access from any page. Track the number of calls, tasks, or appointments your team is scheduling vs. completing. See which lead sources are are converting best, and how many leads are coming in from each source. Email reports will allow you to see delivery reports including the number of opens. There are also SMS text reports available.

Customer Support

Wise Agent has always set itself apart from the crowd by offering the best customer support in the entire real estate industry. Wise Agent is the only company in the industry with 24 hour support that includes weekends and holidays.


Wise Agent has become a very customizable CRM with many settings available for you. Take a few minutes when you are getting started to go through all the settings and customize your CRM experience.


To track your real estate resources in one place, there is a real estate website link page that has many real estate agent resources already listed for you to access. You also have the ability to add any of your own links you may need to refer back to.

Accounting Tax Help

There is a lightweight real estate business expense tracker and mileage tracker available in Wise Agent to help with your accounting. You can track expenses and mileage and pull a tax report or mileage report at anytime.

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