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Wise Agent works for both single agents and teams. If your team is looking for the best CRM for real estate teams, you're in the right place.

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Many are saying Wise Agent is the best real estate CRM in 2023, and one reason is because so many are moving away from being a single agent and towards forming a team.

Wise Agent was built for a single agent to use, but has now become one of the top CRM’s for real estate teams because it is so team-friendly and works with teams structured many different ways.

Each Wise Agent account allows up to 5 team members to use it at the same time with no additional fees. There is no limit to the number of team members that can be added, and you have the ability to turn on permissions for anyone on your team.

With this model, the team leader can decide what each team member can see or do within the CRM, and give each team member limited access based on their needs.

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Team Solutions

Wise Agent's Real Estate Team Solutions

Do you work as part of an official real estate team? Or maybe you have an assistant, or a transaction coordinator? Here at Wise Agent, we have always recognized the benefits of working together and have built our program with that in mind.

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Team Permissions

Regardless of how your real estate team is structured, Wise Agent’s team friendly CRM will work for you. As the team leader or account owner you can decide what each person's experience will be when they login to Wise Agent.

While your assistant may be able to see and do everything, you may decide to set permissions for your buyers agent that allows them only to see their own leads, calendar, and tasks. There are many different team permissions available for you to determine exactly what each person on your team has access to.

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Team Notifications

Wise Agent is very team-friendly and works for teams that are structured many different ways. You may link one Wise Agent account to as many other accounts as needed, making it very easy to share events and contacts to other accounts, while also notifying the receiver.

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