Hey future Wise Agent!

Brandon Wise here, thanks for stopping by…

As a previous realtor, I’m sure we have quite a few things in common. Like you, I just wanted to run my business professionally and accelerate my career further each year…and I wasn’t interested in trading my entire life to succeed. I felt pretty frustrated with the systems in place, and luckily I found a way to change that. Wise Agent was founded in 2002 with a mission to build the most effective system that makes it easy for real estate agents to automate and systematize their businesses; allowing them to grow fast, maximize profits, and most importantly free up time. Today our Wise Agent CRM is being used by thousands of real estate agents, teams, and brokers all over the world.

So why’d we decide to take on such a massive project? I get asked this question a lot. There were a couple other CRM’s out at the time, but I was a new Realtor, and I didn’t have much money to spend on technology or mistakes. At the time, the area I specialized in was pretty much all of Arizona. I was working in one city in the morning and another city in the afternoon, so I needed my business system to be internet based. I was surprised and disappointed to find that none of the real estate CRM's were internet based back then. They also seemed difficult to use - especially considering the price. The more deals I did, the more unorganized my business became, and important details, deadlines, and future clients started slipping through the cracks. That is when I realized I needed to build the system I’d imagined.

Fortunately, one of my best friends, Mike Becker, was a programmer. Some things are just meant to be, and it just so happened that Mike had scored nosebleed seats to an Arizona Cardinals game and invited me to join him. While sitting in the top row at Sun Devil Stadium, I pitched my idea to him on a beer napkin and asked if he could build this simple tool for me to run my business on.

He took my beer napkin and turned it into a system that was very simple to use, yet powerful enough I could run my entire business on, including automating many of the important things that were time-consuming and kept getting overlooked. At that time, it was still just a tool for my personal business and we had no thought on turning it into a product that others would use.

After plugging into the simplest (version-1) of the software, I was closing deals left and right. I was presented an award for “Rookie of the Quarter” for closed units at our company's quarterly awards meeting. When asked on stage how I did so much with no team or assistant, I offered to show my system in a 2-minute demo. After that meeting, I had multiple agents asking how much it was and how they could start. The lightbulb went off and we realized we had created something every agent wanted, a special tool that could solve all the same issues agents were having across the country.

We went to work putting all the details in place to allow other agents to use our new system. We needed a name that would resonate with Realtors and be easy to remember. Since my last name was Wise, we thought we chose the perfect name of “Wise Realtor “. Well it wasn’t long after we got all the business paperwork done, created our logos and started signing up our first members when we received a certified letter from National Association of Realtors’ lawyers - sending a cease and desist order. They apparently didn’t like us using the word Realtor in our name. A small bump in the road so we quickly became, Wise Agent.

Almost 15 years later we’ve built an incredible team and have grown into the most recommended CRM in the real estate industry. At our core we are a team of doers, and we’re constantly creating new and streamlined tools for you. We have always believed that if we take good care of our employees they will take good care of you, and we have proved this theory to be absolutely true -as you will see (anytime our name is mentioned) raving reviews about the support we provide our members.

We are focused on consistently innovating new and amazing technologies, and backing it up with old-fashioned customer support. Simply put we’re all about helping you make more money, and providing you with more time to do the things you love.

Whether you are a seasoned agent or brand new in the business, Wise Agent has the tools you need to run your business like a Pro. You have my word we will take the best care of you, and your business.


Brandon Wise