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Capturing leads is simple with real estate landing pages in your marketing toolkit. They're simple to set up and integrate seamlessly into your CRM.

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Landing Pages

When discussing real estate lead generation software, the topic of landing pages always comes up, as landing pages for real estate play a major role in capturing leads.

A landing page can be any webpage that was designed for a single purpose which a visitor may “land” on.

In Wise Agent, some examples of landing pages we see often would be single property websites, pages designed for a marketing call-to-action ad, and Open House sign in sheets.

Wise Agent offers a very powerful landing page platform with many easy to customize real estate landing page templates to get you started.

You may choose your own domains for your landing pages, or use one that is assigned. Pages are ready to be used anywhere on the internet within minutes.

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Landing Pages

Capture Leads with Wise Agent’s Real Estate Landing Pages

In today’s mobile, internet-reliant world, having the right technology on your side for your business is not just helpful: it’s necessary.

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